Toeic Smart Yellow Book Listening – Kèm CD

Mã sách: 04TE055

Xuất bản: NXB Tổng Hợp TPHCM - 2012

Số trang / Trọng lượng: 103 trang / 200g

Tình trạng: còn hàng

Giá bán: 91.000đ 96.000đ - 5%

Số lượng

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Toeic Smart Yellow Book Listening – Kèm CD
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You have possibly known that TOEIC is short for Test of English for International Communication. It is an English test taken by non-native speakers who want to use English in their international workplace. It also allows employers to make hiring decisions, promotions, or transfers depending on job seekers’ qualifications and English proficiency. In Vietnam, TOEIC has recently been used as a tool to measure students’ level of compe-tence in English before graduation from university.

The three sets of TOEIC SMART, which are presented in yellow, green, and red colors, have come into existence to meet the demand of beginning learners of English. They cover not only simple and detailed lessons in grammar but also simulated listening and reading tests. Using TOEIC SMART series, you can easily enhance your English ability in a systematic and well-organized way. At the same time, you can also familiarize yourself with the TOEIC Bridge test which assesses English proficiency at elementary level.

Presumably, exam preparation for an internationally recognized certificate is a vital period. You will find it less stressful if you have relevant and beneficial materials in hand. TOEIC SMART series is, hence, the right choice for you. Each set of the series consists of three separate books, and each book has eight lessons which respectively provide you with certain necessary input and a variety of exercises for practice. You will find easy-to-learn grammar lessons as well as typical formats and topics of listening and reading tests, all of which aim at improving the knowledge of grammar, the listening and reading compre-hension skills used in an international environment. Most significantly, every book goes with an MP3 CD which certainly helps you improve both your pro-nunciation and your listening ability. You should make good use of the CDs to effectively achieve these purposes after checking your work with the answer key.

It is believed that you will find these three sets of books truly practical and helpful. Hopefully, they may be your essential companions at the starting point on your path to your own expected goal and forthcoming workplace success.